Business as Usual – No Brexit Panic in Chesterfield

| 7th July 2016

As the national media continues its meltdown since the EU referendum, the key question locally is whether there has been, or will be, any effect on the Local House Market.

The answer is a very categorical no with both new instructions and sales at extremely healthy levels.  19 agreed sales in the first 7 days of July is not indicative of any kind of crisis and the commencement of New Home Developments at Brimington and Hasland this week, reinforce the confidence that Local Housebuilders have in the Local economy.

Irrespective of how individuals may have voted, the size of the Brexit majority in North Derbyshire was enormous and there is no reason to suppose that the very people that got the result they wanted would now have a crisis of confidence and put the economy into recession.

Our experience is they are doing exactly the opposite and long may it continue!