6 Tips For A Swift Spring Sale

| 21st April 2017

Spring is always a popular time to sell for home owners. Your house will get the representation it deserves, thanks to the pleasant weather and sprouting plant life. However, it comes with the challenge of competing with all the other sellers. How can you help your home stand out amongst the crowd? What needs to be done to ensure a fair deal for all? We run through our six top tips for selling your home in spring.

Snag List

A snag list is a term from the property development sector that essentially compiles a list of things you’re not happy with. If there are scuffs on the walls, marks on the floor and broken lighting, you should focus on getting these issues fixed. A buyer will notice a less than pristine home and may be put off by image.

Street Appeal

It’s a simple fact of life. First impressions count! Spruce up the driveway and patio, make some improvements to the garden with potted plants, give the front door a fresh lick of paint and varnish and polish your knobs and knockers.

Let there be light

Ensure you clean the windows, inside and out, and keep the kids and dogs away from them! Dust the blinds and keep the curtains open at all times to allow as much natural light into the living spaces.


That means the whole house. You have no idea how thorough a prospective buyer might be. They might open every cupboard and check every room, so it’s no good just sticking everything in the garage. Decluttering your home gets you ready for the move, but also gives more room for your buyer’s imagination to soar.


As your estate agent, we’ll talk to you about what you think the strengths and weaknesses of the property are. We want to ensure your home gets the best viewing possible.

The viewing itself

Give the purchasers some space to view a home without breathing down their necks. Take the kids, the pets and the car and get out from under the buyer’s feet. They need a clear way into the home, with no distractions once inside.