Maintaining Safe Standards through 2021 13th July 2021

Since January 2020, we have conducted almost 2000 market appraisals and managed over 11,000 viewings. All of which were conducted without a single known case of spreading the infection. Our policies over the last 18 months in particular have enabled us to conduct business safely an securely.

Our policies have included the following measures:

  • We have been asking all viewers and vendors to confirm whether they or anyone in their household have experienced any covid symptoms. If they have, we have delayed any meeting/viewing until we are confident that a risk does not exist.
  • We have been sending Covid policies in writing to all vendors and viewers prior to a viewing taking place.
  • We have asked all parties to wear a face covering and use hand sanitizer during a viewing.
  • We have cleaned surfaces with an antibacterial wipe after viewings at key held properties.
  • We have kept our office door locked, so that we can control entry. The Chesterfield office has remained open 7 days of the week.
  • We have asked all visitors into the office to wear a face covering and use hand sanitizer.
  • We have asked for a safe social distance to be maintained at viewings and in the office.
  • We have advised buyers to consider not viewing if they have a property to sell that is not on the market.
  • We have invested in 3D technology so people can undertake virtual viewings of properties if needed.

Whilst we all want to get back to some form of ‘normal’ as quickly as possible, it appears that the Government are urging for caution and that businesses take the appropriate considerations to maintain everyone’s safety.

We have decided that we will continue with the same policies as before for the immediate future. With case numbers rising, we feel this is the best option for all parties involved.

We will review regularly, at fortnightly intervals, and let everyone know if this stance changes.

We hope you understand our position. We want all buyers and sellers to have clarity and confidence in the way that we conduct business, and that this policy will go some way to maintaining this.

If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss further on 01246 270123 or by e mail to


Daniel Elliott, BSc(Hons) MRICS

Managing Director

Maintaining Safe Standards through 2021