New look for Wilkins Vardy! 18th July 2018

You may have noticed our new website and our redesigned shops, boards and windows. Here are the reasons why we decided to go ahead and refresh our image...

  • As the estate agency industry is moving at a quicker pace than ever before, we decided to modernise our brand to more adequately reflect the current market and to stay competitive.
  • Throughout our history we have worked hard to offer the best service possible to our customers, and we felt that coming up with a new contemporary feel for Wilkins Vardy was the best decision for both our sellers and buyers alike.
  • Our upgraded, easy-to-navigate website and redesigned marketing collateral will help improve the way we present ourselves but more importantly will improve the way we advertise our property listings. If we can boost the chances of selling our customers’ property even by a fraction, then it is effort well spent.
  • For our buyers, our aim was to make the new website and information packs as appealing and easy to understand as possible. With the majority of buyers looking for houses outside working hours and especially online, our focus was to improve the website, to provide users with an optimized customer experience.

When rethinking the Wilkins Vardy brand, the main task for us was balancing our traditional and friendly service values and the need to be more modern. We have decided to go for a design which we feel suits our business and ethos going forward whilst still keeping that traditional, warm feel.

We hope you love our new look as much as we do!

New look for Wilkins Vardy!